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July 9, 2010 / Robyn Swirling

Friday’s News Roundup

  • The US and Russian governments have swapped spies, in the biggest swap since the Cold War. [BBC]
  • The Republican National Committee still hasn’t been reimbursed for those charges at a bondage club. [Daily Caller]
  • Obama plans to ask Congress for $5 billion in energy manufacturing tax credits this morning. [Washington Post]
  • A Rwandan priest was captured and has pleaded not guilty to helping to orchestrate the 1994 genocide. [BBC]
  • Since the Obama administration announced plans to challenge Arizona’s immigration law, almost $500k has been donated to help defend the law. [Daily Beast]
  • Federal judges have begun to wonder about the sustainability of a moratorium, ordered by the Obama administration, on halting transfers of Guantanamo prisoners back to Yemen. [NY Times]
  • A new poll shows that Barbara Boxer may be in trouble in the California senate race. [CQ]
  • Indiana senator Dick Lugar criticized Mitt Romney’s stated opposition to a new nuclear treaty with Russia, saying that Romney “appears unaware of arms control history and context.” [NY Times]
  • A local Sudanese official has said that recent killings in Abeyi are intended to influence an upcoming vote on secession. [BBC]
  • A federal appeals court panel has rejected the administration’s bid to keep a moratorium on deepwater drilling in place while they appeal a judge’s decision to overturn the ban, because Interior Secretary Ken Salazar has not adequately made the case that the ocean would suffer irreparable harm without an immediate ban on exploratory drilling. [WSJ]
  • If you care what happened to the people involved in the Abramoff scandal, click here. [Politico]
  • The UK Supreme Court has ruled that two gay men, from Iran and Cameroon, may be granted asylum based on persecution in their home countries. [BBC]
  • Some people think that Pres. Obama’s chances for reelection in 2012 don’t look good. [The Atlantic]
  • South Carolina GOP congressional candidate Rep. Bob Inglis accuses Sarah Palin and Glen Beck, along with others in the Republican party, of “demagoguery” and preying on constituents’ fears. [Washington Post]


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  1. NefariousNewt / Jul 9 2010 5:51 pm

    OK, so it’s 2 years until the 2012 election — perhaps we have better things to worry about than Barack Obama’s chances to be re-elected? Oh, and Mitt Romney is unaware of arms control’s history, and a great many other things.

    • 14Kgold (aka OllieOllieOxen) / Jul 9 2010 4:54 pm

      People talk about his reelection chances as a way to cast doubt on the party as a whole in the runup to midterms. There is logic to it. I think he’ll be fine though ;)

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